Friday, 29 August 2014

How to Prevent Over Optimization? [Video]

Cyrus-ShepardIn this interesting and quite inspiring SEO video coming from Cyrus Shepard at SEOMoz he is giving useful advice on how to prevent over optimization penalties and to start creating for SEO. He gives some great tips on how to make the important step and to develop from beginner into an intermediate SEO expert.

One of the main mistakes that stops increasing your traffic according to Cyrus is the lack of new content to the website. In our pursuit of more and more traffic we often tend to forget that we also have to create fresh, unique and relevant content and to build quality links at the same time. It’s not enough to just try to get rid of duplicate content by adding canonical tags, to over optimize your title tags and to stuff your page content with your most important keywords. This tactic doesn’t work anymore, at least not after the Panda update took place in February 2011.

Instead of becoming a SEO maniac of the things mentioned above, you should start creating new value to your website and this value is called new content. One of the most common and dangerous low ROI techniques which can very often lead to over optimization penalties are the following three, especially when they are done in combination:

  1. On-page over optimization including all types of keyword stuffing in:
    • Title tags
    • URLs
    • Inbound anchor text
  2. Off-page over optimization of your website’s link profile
  • Administrative links
  • Low quality links (from directories, blog comments, low quality social networks, etc.)
  • Unbalanced links in your link profile

One of the best ways in Cyrus’ opinion is to rely on the fresh content. Create a content calendar and try to write new, quality and related to your topic content as often as possible. Best case scenario is to write every single day. With new content creation you will be able to take advantage of lots of new long tail opportunities that were never at your disposal at the time you didn’t write content to your blog.

And that’s not all! By sticking to your content calendar you can also benefit of the following things that lead to high ROI opportunities:

  • New freshness – Google crawls your site more often
  • Interlinking – more opportunities to link to your older content and keeping it up to date for Google
  • Golden link assets – build the content that people will want to link to

You can watch the whole SEOMoz video below.

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